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Exploration Project 2019

Exploration Project 2019

Sun, 21st Oct 2018

Exploration sits at the very core of what Impulse Adventures stands for. We are a business made up of adventurers and explorers, we yearn for new horizons and continue to push the barriers of conventional tourism. 

It is for this reason, we are excited to announce our latest development - The Exploration Project. 

Each year we will be putting together a series of exploratory expeditions to take you to all the places you didn't even know you wanted to explore. Each of these expeditions goes to places far away from conventional tourism or experiences them in a way that is little known. They can be wild, remote and sometimes technical.

Each separate project will be carefully planned, have a clear objective, be led by one of our experienced Australian expedition leaders and documented like any great expedition. 

So far we have 2 Exploration Projects planned for next year, with another 2 still in the planning stages.


May the Gods Ski With You - March 2019

This winter project will take us to Greece to expose this frequented summer destination as a top ski touring location! Ski touring? In Greece? You bet! Our objective will be to ascend and ski down the 3 highest peaks in Greece, working towards skiing with the ancient gods on Mount Olympus! There will be long hard days of ascent, rewarded with grand descents of over 1000m and each day finishing in a boutique hotel in a historic village, dining in family-owned traditional taverns. It doesn't get any better than that! A reasonable ski or snowboard skill level is required but no backcountry experience is necessary. Our expert backcountry guides will refresh and instruct anyone whose experience is lacking making sure the team is safe at all times. 

A Greek Climbing Odyssey - September 2019

Homer wrote in the Odyssey “The journey is the thing”. It is the sum total of every individual experience that adds up to the grand value of a Journey. Every sunrise. Every meal. Every interaction with a stranger. Every bolt clipped and every drop into the ocean. This IS our Adventure. This is YOUR Odyssey.

On this Exploration Project, we will return to Greece to journey across the mainland spending time at some of the nations top sport climbing locations.  We will climb on a mixture of granite, sandstone and limestone, both in the mountains and by the sea. There is a great range of climbs at most of the crags we'll visit, although there are many more options if you're leading sport routes above grade 16. 

We will finish this project with 4 days sailing on a privately chartered yacht in the Ionian Sea, swimming, snorkelling and exploring 2 main islands and their endless deep water soloing.

SUP Solomon Islands

Outside of some of the worlds best diving, little adventure tourism ventures to the Solomon Islands, little tourism at all! In June/July 2019 we're running a world first unsupported Stand-Up Paddleboard expedition around a remote island. Enabled by the hospitality of local villages along the way, we will travel light, with all that we need to be strapped to the decks of our SUP's. Endless opportunities to snorkel, swim, explore, learn and exchange culture. Click the heading above for more info.

Return to the Highlands of PNG - August 2019 - Mount Sarawaget

In August 2019 we will once again return to the highlands provinces of Papua New Guinea to explore yet another remote 4000m+ peak. After 2 successful years making world first traverses of Mount Giluwe and Mount Kabangama, we will return for the third year for Mount Sarawaget - 4121m! 

This area is rarely visited and as such is new territory for a commercial venture of this type. Our itinerary below is fluid. Plans will change. You will need to pack a great sense of adventure and ensure you have the skill to adapt to an ever-changing environment. 

Once we reach above 3600 meters, the landscape will open up into grasslands. This will enable us to make plans to either stick to the itinerary or if time and terrain permits, try our luck at other ridges and peaks not yet recognised.

As usual, we are not just setting out to climb a summit, we intend to traverse this extensive ridge, taking in the entire range with all its beauty and hardship. This is a real adventure, full of challenge and the unknown. If you like the idea of heading to places that mankind has never been, then this expedition is for you! 



These are our 4 Exploration Projects for 2019. Get excited, join us in exploring our great planet and stay tuned for next years plans!

Adrian Manikas

Managing Director

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