Adrian Manikas

Managing Director, Travel consultant and Expedition Leader

Adrian got his first job as a guide in 2006 taking horseback treks through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Ever since then he has developed a passion for delivering life changing experiences by guiding people to some of the most remote corners of the world.

From the muddy tracks through the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the high alpine passes of Nepal, Adrian has successfully lead people to experience cultures, environments and thrills they will never forget!

Adrian has experience and qualifications in guiding a range of activities including rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking and trekking. One of Adrian’s career goals is to join the 7 summits club, by successfully climbing to the summit of the highest mountain of each continent!
He is the driving force behind Impulse Adventures, a vehicle to help get people out and experience more of the world they live in.

Sam St Clair

Expedition First Aid Advisor and Travel Consultant in training

Sam’s background as an emergency and critical care nurse combined with her desire for adventure and motivation to learn, has given her good stead to become our expedition medical advisor. She is well versed in the effects of altitude, exercise physiology, nutrition, and of course, she’s not bad at first aid! Part of this role is to learn the ropes and gain the experience in our specialised regions to become a Travel Consultant.

Heath Wallace

Expedition Leader

Heath is skilled in many areas of outdoor guiding, including, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing and trekking. He's also a professional ski instructor, having worked winter seasons in Japan, Canada and Australia. Heath has also Climbed in New Zealand, White water raft and caved Thailand and hatched turtles and dived with hammer head sharks in Borneo. He loves travelling and seeing new places and learning about the local ways of life.  

Paul Gurung

Nepal Operations Manager

Paul started with humble begingings as a porter. Teaching himself to cook, he moved up to become an expedition chef, and eventualy training and becoming a licensed trekking guide. Excelling at everything he put his hand to, Paul then became an Expedition manager for a large Nepalese trekking agency, before moving out to live in Melbourne, Australia, in a bid to improve his English and better understand western culture. Since returning home, Paul has established his own trekking agency, and has grown quickly to become one of Kathmandu's most respected. He is a strong family man, who's main bussines objective is to support his family, and assist his family's community in the Ruby Valley. 

Vasilis Nasiakos

Mountain Guide and hotelier

After studying Forrestry Management and Outdoor Recreation, Vasilis' life goal was to own a small boutique hotel in Greece's remote north west, and run adventure tours in the local mountains. He has done amazingly to achieve this, especialy in the exquisite style that he has! Vasilis' passion for life has led him to be an expienced skier, climber, raft guide, trail runner and family man.

George Kokkos

Tour Manager and Historian

With studdies in Classical History and Ancient Architecture, paired with years of experience in tourism, George is the ideal tour manager. He is responsible for arranging logistics of all our ground tours and leads our vehicle based history tours. An expert story teller, George is unrivaled in his passion to share his knowledge with his guests.