Our story 

Impulse Adventures began, in spirit, in 2013. Its founder, Adrian Manikas, took off to spend 3 months traveling Europe, and another 3 months trekking around the Himalayas in Nepal. While in Europe, Adrian managed, through social networks and emails, to convince a small group of friends and their friends to meet him in Kathmandu, Nepal, and he would safely lead them to Everest Basecamp and back, taking care of all their in country travel arrangements. 

 While leading this trip, there were several discussions on the endless adventure opportunities that were available in places like Nepal, not just trekking, but an endless array of adventures to be had for an endless array of activities!

It was discussed that while the destination or objective can be important, its not imperative to the success of an adventure, as much as the journey and the way the you experience these places. In essence, it was less about WHAT you do, and more about HOW you do it. It was these discussions that gave birth to the concept of Impulse Adventures.

In our relatively short history, we have achieved a lot, arranging and leading a large range of expeditions to Nepal, as well as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, India, Europe and Africa! We are still, and always will be growing, and we want you to become part of our story!

"It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves"
- Sir Edmund Hillary 

Our Mission