There are plenty of tour operators out there. So what makes us diferent?

We're responsible

Yeah we know, these days its not a massive point of difference, well, at least it shouldn't be! If you're like us, and have a conscience, you'd agree that every travel company should operate responsibly. This encompasses many aspects of the decisions we make in establishing new expeditions, and day to day operations. To find out more about how we're responsible, check out our policies online.

Service first

Ok, so realistically, safety in the field is first, but providing great, personal service is next! We understand that your hard earned annual leave is precious (and of course your hard earned money), which is why we feel that every booking is special, you've chosen to spend it with us. We don't take that lightly, and do everything within our power to make your entire experience with us special.

Some great hospitality service at a guest house in the Langtang Valley

Small time operator

We're a small time operator, but we're big where it counts! You can get that warm fuzzy feeling that you're working with a small Australian business, without sacrificing the big business benefits. We're small enough so that you're a face, not a number, but big enough to get the support and safety net if its needed. All our expeditions and their local offices are supported in emergencies by our Melbourne based office, and a 24 hour contact.

One stop shop

At Impulse Adventures, we're a one stop adventure travel shop. We can take care of all your travel arrangements to make sure that you have a smooth experience. Flights, travel insurance, additional accomodation and activities, and of course your expedition! You can have a single contact to manage your entire experience.

Unique experiences

When we develop new expeditions, we aim to travel to places that others don't, or if they do, do so in a unique way. Do you want to join a congo line and follow everyone else? Didn't think so. In saying that, sometimes congo lines are unavoidable to get to certain places, but we'll make sure you'll be doing something a little different, to set you apart from the rest!

First hand knowledge

The old saying goes “We know, because we go”. All our staff are passionate adventurers. And while not everyone has done all of our expeditions, we can always put you in touch with one of our team that has for the right advice. Obviously, this excludes our Exploratory Expeditions, no one has done them. Ever.

All inclusive tours

Most of our tours are 'full service'. We do our best to make your expedition a bundled little ball of convenience. Right from the moment we pick you up at the airport, until we farewell you after our expedition, we take care of everything for you. There are times when there may be some select meals not included in some expeditions, generally in towns or cities. The reason for this is it gives you (and your team) the flexibility to select where you want to go, and what you want to eat, under guidance of your trip leader. The end result is, you only pay for what you want, not a big set menu budget for each day, that you may not fully utilise.

Experienced/skilled guides

All of our guides and expedition leaders are experienced and highly skilled in their areas of expertise. They all have adequate first aid training for the expedition they're leading (generally wilderness first aid), as well as additional specialist coaching in areas such as high altitude first aid and emergency response and management. Our local guides have incredible in depth knowledge of the areas they're traveling as well as great abilities to share that knowledge.

Activity focused Expeditions

While the destination you travel to is a large part of your experience, so is the way in which you travel. HOW you go, can greatly impact what you see, feel and experience. Thats why our expeditions are all focused around a specific activity. The experience you'll have if you trek the Annapurna circuit in Nepal, would be greatly different to that if you Mountain biked it. Climbing expeditions are focused on specific objectives, i.e. the top! If you choose to kayak an archipelago, you may find your objectives alternating between a paddle, a snorkel and a nap! While most of our expeditions are open to anyone, with no prior experience required, some of the activities we may undertake are quite technical and do require some experience. But don't be put off, we can help you get it!.

Training pathways

As mentioned above, some of our expeditions involve technical activities at a level where some previous experience is required. We're always happy to chat about your suitability for an expedition. If you have no experience, but love the idea of a technical or skilled adventure, then we can help there too! We can provide you with a training pathway to equip you with the skills and experience required to take on your objective!