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  • SUP Solomon Islands - 9 Days

Stand Up Paddle expedition around a stunning tropical island, remote village stays and some of the best snorkeling in the world.
Need we say more?

**As an exploratory expedition, it is in constant evolution. The details inscribed below are our intentions, but plans may vary somewhat along the way. Plans may be adapted depending on the weather, conditions, logistics and other local considerations.

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Location: Tulagi, Solomon Islands
Activity: Exploratory Expeditions,
Duration: 9 Days
Difficulty Rating: Grade 3 - difficult
Comfort Level: Comfortable camping
Season: Jun, Jul,


A Stand Up Paddleboard expedition you say? Unheard of! That's exactly why we're doing it! When SUP boards first became popular, travel with them to exotic and exciting places was difficult due to their massive size - most being too long for oversized luggage. Slowly but surely the idea of high-quality inflatable SUP boards have changed the game, allowing us to take them just about anywhere! 

The first place we're taking them is the Solomon Islands. Nearly 1,000 islands to chose from, pristine tropical waters, incredible World War II history, amazing traditional culture and fresh Pacific Ocean seafood - The perfect SUP destination! We'll fly into Honiara, Guadalcanal, and head out to a small diving island where we'll start our expedition. We will partially circumnavigate a large island, experiencing a range of conditions from protected bays, narrow passages and wide open ocean before coming into a large bay to explore. From here we'll have our boards and luggage transported as we spend a day hiking overland back to where we started, gaining a whole new perspective of the island.

Along the way we will stay in rural village stays, in longhouses and beach huts, eat traditionally prepared fresh food and explore reefs and wrecks on a daily basis. While there are definitely some very relaxing elements of this trip, on a whole, it is an unsupported SUP expedition. We will carry our personal supplies (water, change of clothes and sleeping bag liner) on our boards, while all our food will be provided by villages along the way.

At Impulse Adventures, we firmly believe that an experience you have at a destination can vary wildly depending on what it is you do, or how you do it, and simply changing your mode of transport can bring an entirely new, exciting element to a journey. Sure we could explore the Solomon islands on a powered boat, or even in kayaks. But the uniqueness of a SUP expedition excites us!

SUP'ing is a completely different experience to kayaking. Think of the difference between driving a car and riding a motorbike. In one, you're 'inside', sort of being taken along for the ride, trapped, unable to move. On a motorbike (or in our case a SUP board), you're out there in the environment, as a whole. Every movement your body makes can affect the direction your vehicle points, you're higher position gives you a whole new perspective (being able to look down), and at any time if you get too hot, just jump off! (*disclaimer - the last point was specific to SUP boards, please don't try that on a motorbike!)

So come and join us on this exciting new exploratory trip as we discover a new adventure opportunity!

Check out this article on 10 reasons to visit the Solomon Islands! (this expedition should be number 11!) 

Highlights Include:

  • 4-day SUP journey
  • 1-day exploring Roderick Bay
  • 1-day mountain crossing overland
  • 5 nights rural village stays
  • Fresh traditional local food
  • 3 nights stay in Solomon Islands best dive resort

Itinerary Overview:

Day 1 - 28th June: Fly from your nearest capital city into Brisbane, then on to Honiara. Transfer to our dive resort on Tulagi Island, welcome drinks, enjoy a nice meal and get to know the team. - Dive resort

Day 2 - 29th June: SUP familiarisation, trip preperation and exploring Tulagi - Dive Resort

Day 3 - 30th June: SUP journey begins! Paddle from Tulagi to the village of Gavuhoho. Approx 12kms. - Village stay

Day 4 - 1st July: Paddle up the Mbokolonga Passage and continue around to Boromoli Village. Approx 19kms. - Village stay

Day 5 - 2nd July: Paddle Boromoli to Vura Village. Approx 14kms. - Village stay

Day 6 - 3rd July: Paddle Vura into Roderick bay. Possible side trip to Olevuga Island. Approx 16kms. - Village stay

Day 7 - 4th July: Explore Roderick Bay. - Village stay

Day 8 - 5th July: Hike overland back towards Tulagi. Then boat transfer to the dive resort. All our gear transported by Boat. -Dive resort

Day 9 - 6th July: Morning transfer back to Honiara to explore and take a flight home that afternoon.


Day 1: Depart your nearest capital city and fly into Brisbane, then on to Honiara. We'll be met and transported by boat to our dive resort on Tulagi Island to spend the night getting to know the team. If time permits, we'll inflate our SUP boards and go for a test run.

Day 2: Today is a familiarisation day. We will learn about our inflatable SUP boards, practice techniques, go for a practice journey and gain an understanding of the daily demands and routine. If we have time we'll explore Tulagi Island. - Dive Resort

Day 3: We won't waste any time as we take off on our SUP journey and head towards the village of Gavuhoho. Approx 12kms.

Day 4: From Gavuhoho we paddle up the Mbokolonga Passage aiming to be passing through the final stages at high tide. We'll exit the passage and continue around to Boromoli Village. Approx 19kms.

Day 5: Today we journey across the north coast of Nggela Island, fairly exposed to the open ocean we'll hug the coastline all the way to Vura Village. Approx 14kms.

Day 6: The final day of our SUP journey brings us into Roderick bay. If time permits we'll duck across the Sandfly Passage and explore some of the famous snorkelling spots off Olevuga Island. Approx 16kms.

Day 7: A well earned 'rest day' today. We say rest day only in the sense that we'll be returning to the same village for the night. The day will be full of excitement, exploring a grounded cruise ship, the village itself and a visit to the local school. In the evening we'll pack down all of our gear ready for transport and be briefed on the change of pace tomorrow.

Day 8: Our gear will be picked up from Roderick Bay and transported back to Tulagi by boat. We will journey overland, crossing a small mountain range, and hike back to the southern edge of Nggela where we'll be transported back to the dive resort.

Day 9: Morning transfer back to Honiara to explore and take a flight home that afternoon.


Expedition cost is $2,950* twin share, ex your nearest Australian capital city. Yes, you read right, for this expedition, we will fly you from your nearest Australian capital city!

*minimum number of bookings required, see Terms and Conditions for full details.


  • FLIGHTS FROM YOUR NEAREST CAPITAL CITY - This is not a normal inclusion for our trips, so we're making a big deal about it!
  • All accommodation as set out in the itinerary
  • All meals and some snacks supplied
  • All transport and transfers as required
  • Expedition led by one of our Australian trip leaders
  • High-quality SUP board and paddle for use on the trip
  • All emergency communications, supplies and equipment including extensive first aid
  • Online tracking of the expedition for friends and family
  • All access permits, customs and fees


  • Travel Insurance (compulsory)
  • Any personal expenses incurred whilst in transit from your home city to Honiara
  • Personal clothing and equipment
  • Additional personal expenses such as alcohol and additional snacks
  • Tips for guides
  • Cost raised by cancellation or modification due to events beyond our control, e.g., landslides necessitating trail diversions, weather delays, political unrest, illness, etc.


Note the below items can be added at the time of booking.


SUP Solomon Islands - Exploratory: Fri, 28th Jun 2019 Sat, 6th Jul 2019 $2950.00 Book Now
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Location: Tulagi, Solomon Islands
Activity:. Exploratory Expeditions
Duration: 9 Days
Difficulty Rating: Grade 3 - difficult
Comfort Level: Comfortable camping
Season: Jun, Jul,