With experience, comes knowledge. With knowledge, comes the impulse to share. At the very core of Impulse Adventures there is a desire to share our experiences with you first hand. We want you to come with us and experience our amazing destinations for yourself, but before you do, we’d like to share some of the things we’ve learnt over the years, to make your experience more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more rewarding.

Here you will find a collection of stories and guides ranging from exploring concepts of travel, to selecting the right gear, and getting prepared for your adventure.


The Impulsive Traveler

The Wild Woman's Adventure Guide - Vol 1 - Layers

Sun, 6th May 2018

Top tips for hiking in winter - Choosing the perfect layering system Does the cold weather stop you getting to ...

8 tips for documenting your adventure

Fri, 30th Jun 2017

Memories are great. But they're hard to share. Our top travel tip is to document your adventures so you ...

Altitude not Attitude

Thu, 17th Nov 2016

Altitude. One of medicines great mysteries. We know what changes, we know how it effects us, we have even ...