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Parks Victoria LTO

Parks Victoria LTO

Thu, 13th Apr 2017

Impulse LTO

We're going local! Impulse Adventures has partnered with the Weekend Adventure Warrior to create the Weekend Warrior program. We'll be designing a schedule of programs for both summer and winter to get you out and about on the weekends! 

Based out of Melbourne, our weekend adventures will take you to some of Victoria's best adventure destinations and expose you to places and activities you may not otherwise get access to. We'll be providing guided, equiped and catered experiences so all you need to do is turn up with an awesome attitude!

Part of the process of initiating this program was to go through stringent insurance requirements, risk managment reviews, and of course, obtain the Parks Victoria Licensed Tour Operator permit. These steps insure that we're backed up, safe, and responsible while delivering you these amazing experiences! 

Stay tuned for each of our weekend trips as they get released! 

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