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8 tips for documenting your adventure

8 tips for documenting your adventure

Fri, 30th Jun 2017

Memories are great. But they're hard to share. Our top travel tip is to document your adventures so you can share them with those you care about. Here's some great tips on how to do it well!


1. Keep a Journal

If you like to write, a journal is an amazing way of recording your travels. When writing resist "we went here, we did this", instead focus your words on the things you saw and the emotions you felt, the way these places made you feel is much more important than the fact you went there!


2. Photograph everything

Photos are great story tellers. Be creative, capture moments, but don't let your camera detract from an experience. If you want to take amazing travel photos, enrol in a course to learn how to frame, place subjects and some basic rules. A good editing program can help too! If you have an SLR shoot in RAW, and any point of view other than eye level will always be more interesting!


3. Take Selfies

Who cares what people think, selfies are awesome. Take them and be proud! take them alone, or even better take them with friends! It's an awesome way to bring people together and capture a memory of an event that just happened.


4. Video

Be bold, tell a story to the camera. Don't forget to show your emotion! Have a look around for some awesome automated editing software, you can now just take a stack of short clips on your trip, and let an app do the rest, whack in a sound track and you've got a great movie!


5. Notice the little things

No matter what method you use, when traveling always be observant. See things from different angles, stop and smell the roses (literally and figuratively), if something catches your attention, stop and investigate it! It can be an awesome way to connect with your environment.


6. Share the camera around

If you're traveling with a group, you can always save weight by taking one camera and sharing photos when you get home, this also means when something amazing happens, you don't have your entire party experiencing it through the lens of their camera. BUT make sure you share the camera around! Don't be the person who is always behind the lends, make sure you get in front of it too!


7. Capture key moments

With the quality of camera phones these days, there's no excuse. When a key event happens, take a snap, take a selfie, but get it. It could be for you, or if something is happening to a friend, you can capture it for them, allowing them to experience it without worrying about the camera! 


8. Show the good, and the bad

It's great to have loads of happy snaps, and good times are great memories. But the bad times are also important. Be honest in sharing your story, not all adventures go to plan, when things go wrong, don't be affraid to share it.

While we feel very strongly about the importance of documenting what we do, there is always a delicate balance of capturing a moment verses living the moment. For each person this balance will be different too, some people are less interested in telling their story to others, or prefer to do it with words. Social media is an amazing tool for sharing your experiences, just don't revlove your experience around social media! 


Go forth, adventure, capture, share and inspire.

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