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  • Survivor Island - 12 Days


“It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change"
- Charles Darwin


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Location: Secret Island, Tonga
Activity: Exploratory Expeditions,
Duration: 12 Days
Difficulty Rating: Grade 4 - Very Difficult
Comfort Level: Think of the glory
Season: Apr, Nov,


The storm is fierce and your small ship can no longer resist the pounding waves that are crashing over her bow. She has taken on water quickly and before anyone can lower the life rafts a call cries out through the gail, "Abandon Ship!". People scamper every which way. In the confusion you loose everyone you knew and suddenly you are in the water. The tempest gathers strength, the only time you can see anything is when lightning stikes through the darkness. Waves engulf you! Your body starts to fade and then your consciousness.

With a shudder you awake. But there is no storm, just a bright light above you and water lapping at your face. Are you dead? No! You are on a beach in the middle of nowhere. Before you can really focus you hear a voice above you accompanying an out stretched hand. The voice says "You survived!". 


This is not a normal Adventure. This is a challenge. You will not be fed, watered, waited on, you wont even be going anywhere. No journey, no trekking, no nothing. Just survive.

The purpose of this trip is to simulate, as closely to reality what it would be like to be shipwrecked on a remote deserted island. A small contingient of storm survivors will travel deep within their own psyche to discover what they are really made of. There are no cameras, no challenges, no games, just the real raw deal. You will need to work with your team to stay sheltered, watered and fed and above all else, alive.

At times you'll be scorched in the sun, shivering from cold in the night time winds, hungry, thirsty, frustrated, angry. How will you cope with these challenges? Will you rise above them? Will you SURVIVE?


This challenge is not for everyone. While the setting is stunning, it is not an idylic island holiday. It is a test for those looking to push their minds and bodies to the absolute limit, and find out how they would react in a realistic survival scenario.


Will you be alone? Not quite. Joining you and your stranded friends on the island will be a highly trained survival expert with years of experience and knowledge gained on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do in order to survive. He will guide you and the group, not there to teach you, the skills are up to you. He will be on the island with you 24 hours a day, for the entire duration of your experience and be your safety net with full contact with our support team in case of emergencies.


  • Explore your mental resiliance
  • Learn the skills to survive on an island
  • Experience team dynamics in a stressful situation
  • Be one of the first people to experience this unique journey


To keep this experience as realistic as possible, the location of the island is kept secret, we can however tell you it is in the Kingdom of Tonga in the south Pacific.

The trip is a total of 12 days with 8 days on the island. The following is a guide as we would like to make the experience as authentic as possible.

Day 1: Arrive in Tonga and transfer to speed boat for an off shore island resort. Briefing will done in the evening.

Day 2: Day to explore the region and islands and acclimatise. Overnight resort.

Day 3 - 10 : Survivor Island

Day 11 : Rest and relax overnight at resort.

Day 12 : Fly home


What to expect:

Survivor Island is a tough exploration of the human spirit. The island you will be stranded on looks idealic, however considering the circumstances, the island will soon turn into a prison.

You will need to improvise shelter, find water and food and make fire. Sounds simple right? 

You will also need to protect yourself from the environment. The sun will burn fast and at night prevailing winds can make the evenings cold and horrible.

However, all is not lost. You will have with you a Survival Expert who can guide you. You also have the chance to find things that wash ashore that may assist you, such as fishing line, plastic bottles or even a discarded flip flop.

This is the physical side of the experience, the easy part. All this will play on your psychology. Being exposed, hungry and thirsty will change your moods and test your resilience. It will push you to places you have never been before and you will discover another side of you that you may have not been aware of. This can be a positive experience but at the time can be extremely confronting. Working with others during this time can be a challenge.

We endevour to make the experience as realistic as possible. We want you to be pushed physically and mentally because this is exactly what someone would experience if they too were stranded on an island.

Being prepared:

The question is how can I prepare for this? Each person will prepare differently. Some will do nothing and just take it as it comes. Others will enrol in a survival camp, to learn how to light a fire, how to collect water and catch food etc. Others will go to the internet for this information.

We recommend that you do what you think is needed to be prepared. Again, the assumption is that you didn't know the ship was going to sink, so would you know how to survive with your current knowledge? It is up to you, there are no rules.

Medical clearance:

To participate in this experience you will need to get the all clear from your Doctor. A general physical is what is required. We need to know of any medical conditions well in advance of the experience. While having a heart condition for example wouldn't rule you out, if you are on medication for this then you would not be able to participate. The same applies for diabetics who need insuline etc. We cannot allow those that need ongoing medication on this experience as there is nowhere to store it on the island.

Emergency Procedures:

Your Survival Expert will have 24 hour access to our Emergency Team. If there is an emergency, we can have you off the island within 2 hours and in a hospital within another 2 hours. You will need to take out appropriate travel insurance that covers medical evacuation and hospitalisation cover.

Before and after the Experience:

When you first arrive in Tonga, we will transport you to an offshore island resort. There you will be briefed on what is about to happen. You will have a chance to relax and eat and acclimatise. After the experience we will return to the resort to wash and recover before heading home. Thus you will need to bring a change of clothes when you come off the island and clothes for your flight home.

What can you bring onto the island:

There are no rules in this experience. The exact time of when you reach the island and when you are extracted from the island will not be completely clear. Thus, when you reach the island, whatever you have on you can be used on the island.

What is on the island?:

This we cannot completely tell you. What we can tell you is that there are coconut trees and a reef nearby. The rest you will find out on arrival.

Who is the Survival Expert?

The following are the credentials of our Survival Expert.
French, 45yo, Father of 2.
Former French Army in 'Special Units', from 13 RDP
Served 10 years in French Army
Has been delivering survival training for 7 years to private individuals as well as army, army commandos, tactical units, firefighters and incentive groups for companies. Trainees come from all around Europe.
Also has a degree in carpentry, paragliding instructor and kite surfing instructor.


Experience cost is $5950 ex Tongatapu (TBU).


  • Airport transfers to and from domestic / international terminals
  • Airport transfers to and from resort
  • Food and meals for all period at the resort incl 'rest days'
  • 3 nights accommodation on an island resort
  • Survival Expert on the island 24x7
  • 24x7 communication with emergency team


  • International flight to & from destination (TBU)
  • Visa (free for Australia and NZ)
  • Personal expenses (soft drink, alcoholic beverages, entertainment, personal expenses, etc)
  • All creature comforts on Survivor Island


Note the below items can be added at the time of booking.


This experience can be customised for a group from 4 to 8 people. Best times are April and November.

Contact us for Upcoming Departures
Contact us for Upcoming Departures
Location: Secret Island, Tonga
Activity:. Exploratory Expeditions
Duration: 12 Days
Difficulty Rating: Grade 4 - Very Difficult
Comfort Level: Think of the glory
Season: Apr, Nov,