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  • Kayak Skills with Laura - 1 - 3 Days

"The first step to becoming a master of any pursuit, is understanding the foundations"

As Impulse Adventures white water specialist, Laura Oakley is a passionate advocate that everyone can learn to paddle. She is the Co Founder of the Join Adventures Kayak Team in Nepal where she lives for up to 5 months per year. In order to drive her message, expose more people to white water Kayaking, and build on the sport that she loves, Laura has joined the Impulse Adventures team to offer a range of basic skills courses and private instruction in a number of locations around Victoria.

Some background on Laura, her qualifications and experience:

  • Qualified by the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association and teaches in alignment with their curriculum.
  • Swift Water Rescue Instructor – Swift Water Safety Institute
  • White Water Expedition Leader since 2011
  • Kayak Experience in Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Peru & Canada.

Workshop Information

Workshops are currently planned with individuals and small groups to be tailored to your specific requirements. This maximises your value as you will be tought exactly what you need to know, from the level you are at, in the time that you have. We only work with group sizes from one to four maximising your personal coaching time. For some private groups we can accomodate larger group sizes with additional instructors but these programs would be fully customised to your needs. 

Below is a list of topics and sessions that we can incorporate into your program!

  • Kayak Rolling – Pool Workshops
  • Kayak Rolling - River Workshops
  • Kayak Skills – Flat Water & Moving Water
  • Kayak Rescue Skills Workshops

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Workshop sessions include:

Kayak Rolling – Pool Workshops

  • Instruction in alignment with New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (NZOIA)
  • Hand on instructing to help you improve faster
  • Using video analysis to:
    • Understand how and why a roll works
    • Understand what your actually doing in your roll and what you can do to improve
  • Pool sessions for confidence building (outdoor pools used in summer, indoor pools used in winter)
  • Rope Drags

 Kayak Rolling - River Workshops

  • Take your pool roll to the river to build confidence
  • Video analysis
  • Test your roll in different types of water
  • Best preparation for the river

Kayak Skills – Flat Water & Moving Water

  • Improve your strokes and develop understanding of your body/kayak/water connections
  • Develop confidence
  • Learn to read the flow of water

Kayak Rescue Workshops

  • Self rescue
  • T rescues
  • X rescues
  • Hand of god rescues
  • Barrel roll rescues
  • In water rescue of boat and participant
  • Garage sale pick ups
  • Detach and roll from a tangled cow tow
  • Kayak Chase



Example Workshop Itinerary’s

Yarck Summer – Rolling & River Confidence

2 Day Workshop

Perfect for those who need a little support to perfect the roll and gaining confidence on the river, includes;

  • Morning Rolling Session with private pool hire
  • Afternoon on river sessions at Blue Gums; Pumpkins and Horus rapids as well as flat water work to improve strokes.

No workshop is the same, each sessions length and content is tailored to the needs of each student.

Accommodation at Mayfield Campus – Bunk House $80
(Per person on 2 day workshop. Shared accommodation)


  • 2 nights in basic bunk house accommodation.
  • Cooking facilities
  • Hot showers
  • Common room
  • Laundry facilities

We request students arrive the night prior for an 8am pool session start.

  • Pool hire - Private pool for rolling session. Pool is outdoors and is used only as a summer venue.

Mayfield campus is a 40 min drive from the Blue Gums section on the Goulbourn which we use for teaching our summer white water programs. Students will need to provide their own transport or car pool to and from the Mayfield Campus and river sessions.

Example Costs:

2 Day workshop with 2 people - $400 p/p
Mayfield Bunk House + Pool - $80 p/p

Total                                  - $480 p/p


Pool Sessions Only Workshops

1 & 2 day workshops (Ideal for Winter)

Daily Timetable

9am                 Meet at pool venue

9:00-11:30       Rolling session

11:30-12:30     Break – Eat lots

12:30–2:30      Rolling Session

2:30-3:00        Break – More snacks

3:00 – 5:00      Rolling Session


Pool Sessions Include:
Each Workshop is tailored to the individual group and may include all or part of the below inclusions.

  • One on one rolling instruction
  • Supervised rolling practice
  • Video analyses
  • How to assist rolling practice
  • Use of hand paddles for roll practice
  • In and under water confidence building
  • Rope drags – For confidence building
  • Basic Kayak rescues
    • T rescues
    • X rescues
    • Hand of god rescues
    • Barrel roll rescues
    • In water rescue of boat and participant
    • Self rescue
    • Detach and roll from a tangled cow tow

Example Costs:

1 Day pool workshop for 2 people  $225 p/p
Venue fees (Example from Yark pool entry) $25 p/p

Total                                      $250 p/p


Click on the "cost" tab for a full list of diferent workshops and prices!

Price List 2018

Private 1 on 1 Lessons

1 hour                 $70

2 hours               $130

Half day              $180 (3.5 hours)

Full Day              $300 (7 hours)


Private group workshops

1 Day

2 people             $225 per person plus venue hire

3-4 people          $200 per person plus venue hire

2 Days

2 people             $400 per person plus venue hire

3-4 people          $350 per person plus venue hire

Venue Fees

Venue fees change dramatically from venue to venue and between locations, venue fees are in addition to standard prices. Venue Fees may include pool entry, accommodation, or Parks Victoria fees where required. We seperate these as it results in the best value for you!


Note the below items can be added at the time of booking.

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Location: Victoria, Australia
Activity: Weekend Warriors, White Water
Duration: 1 - 3 Days
Difficulty Rating: Grade 1 - Easy
Comfort Level: Very comfortable
Season: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov,